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Tags and tag synonyms for Drupal/Backdrop

Given the tight similarities between Drupal 7 and Backdrop, some tags that are currently prefixed with drupal- may now be applicable to both CMSs. I'm thinking in particular of a question/answer I ...
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How to help SE content find its way into our documentation

How can we facilitate the flow of useful content from Stack Exchange into CiviCRM's documentation? This conversation began in civicrm-docs#32. Docs-worthy content Examples: disabling households ...
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Using CiviCRM version number as a tag

I notice some question askers have been using the version number as a tag (e.g. 4.6.2) -- is that recommended, or is it better to just list it in the question itself?
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How should we name tags - following CiviCRM components or general concepts?

We are getting some tags that should probably become synomyms, like contributions and civicontribute or civimember and memberships. Another meta question already discusses whether we should merge ...
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