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Generally, we tag items to take advantage of search and favorites functionality. You set favorite tags, and questions with any of those tags will appear highlighted as you browse the site. You can also set up RSS or email feeds to get notified of new questions matching your favorite tags. I don't think a version number is super-useful when I am searching for ...


I don't feel strongly either way, but would note that Backdrop and Drupal are likely to become increasingly dissimilar over time.


Here's one idea that involves tracking content in SE with tags: Begin using the following tags add-to-docs-to-do for content that should get captured in documentation add-to-docs-no for content that should not get captured add-to-docs-done for that has already been captured To help evaluate what content to add or skip Search for the following (79 ...


I agree with Nicholai it doesn't seem like a great use of tags. A question tagged 4.4 might well be (probably is) still relevant to versions 4.6 and later.

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